Rates and Specials

Your body is your biography. The good news: you hold the pen and the story is still being written. Rolfing® addresses structural ineffectiveness through identifying patterns and unleashing possibilities, giving you the awareness and tools to self-correct.



These are for you. Sessions are typically 75-90 minutes. Can be paid in up to 4 installments. Reach out to schedule a 15-min exploratory call for more info!

  • Rolfing® Ten Series Plus (10 + 3 applied movement sessions) $1495
  • Rolfing® Ten Series $1195
  • Discovery Session – $55 – Garner insights into what your body needs and how Rolfing® can help you reach your goals (45 min). Contact me directly to schedule.


Use session packs for periodic tune-ups or schedule a short series to address a specific issue. You can choose the number of sessions that works for you! See below for examples and contact me to confirm pricing for other amounts.


  • 12 pack – $1395 ($116/session)
  • 9 pack – $1050 ($117/session)
  • 7 pack – $825 ($118/session)
  • 5 pack – $595 ($119/session)
  • 3 pack – $360 ($120/session)

Package rates assume a single upfront payment and all sessions must be used within a 12 month period (unless otherwise arranged). You can also schedule an individual session at any time ($125).

For more on forms of payment, please visit HOW IT WORKS. If you have a promotional coupon, it must be presented at the time of purchase to be honored. Gift certificates can be redeemed at the time of the scheduled appointment(s) to which you want it applied.

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