How It Works

The fundamental Rolfing® approach is called the Ten Series, a holistic and intentional progression through the entire body to realign structure and optimize function.

  • Each of the ten sessions is 90 minutes long and the entire series can be completed in 2-3 months.
  • There’s enough flexibility in the process to allow for your structure’s particular needs and process; occasionally this means adding a few extra sessions to honor that process, but in general the sweet spot is 10-12.
  • I advise scheduling sessions 1-2 weeks apart at the outset while we discover how your system responds to the work and what pace matches your financial, physical, and energetic resources.

If Rolfing® has sparked your interest, I strongly encourage you to invest in Ten Series. I also offer a Ten Series Plus (see Rates & Specials) that includes 3 additional sessions to ensure you’re equipped and empowered to reinforce your realignment in your daily routines and favorite activities!


It really depends on your body and on the Rolfer. Some bodies are very sensitive to hands-on work. Others are not. What is painful for one person may feel like heaven to another. Many people often say Rolfing® elicits a sense of “good pain” – an intensity that signals the release of pent up tension or the awakening of a dormant structure rather than just a lot of hard pressure. If the intensity is ever too much, let me know and we’ll adjust the approach to better suit you body so our work together is effective.


A session will typically start with some pre-assessment where I’ll have you stand, walk, tune into certain things (i.e. breath, movement, ease, limitations), and give me some verbal feedback to accompany my observations of your structure and movement. Then we’ll start in on the work! Sometimes, during a session, I’ll have you get up or tune back into something to sense if there’s any changes in your body.

Every session will end with integrative work at the cranium and sacrum, as well as standing work called tracking to help you bring the changes upright into gravity. Your skills in communicating about what is happening for you will be crucial and your input/feedback is always welcomed.


Dress for sessions is typically athletic shorts or underwear for men and bra/underwear or a two-piece swimsuit for women. In general, and particularly for the first session, however, please no sports bras. Occasionally, depending on the session and what we’ll be working on in your body, you can wear more but it’s best to plan on the minimum. All of that said, your comfort is paramount to effective work – so if this recommendation doesn’t sit well with you, you can wear what you want to to remain comfortable!


DOWNTOWN BOULDER: My office is located at 2299 Pearl St, Suite #205. This building is on the north side of Pearl St, right at 23rd St—the Scratch Kitchen sign is most prominent out front. Parking right in front of the building is an option and the one-hour limit is not well-enforced; that said, there’s also ample and free street parking along Spruce St. Once parked, come in the north set of double doors, then take the stairs or elevator to the second floor. Take a right down the hallway and Suite #205 is the last one on your right. The window will say Red Aspen Acupuncture and Herbs. Come on in and make yourself at home.

SUNSHINE CANYON: My home studio is located 3.5 miles from the intersection of 4th St and Mapleton St at 3472 Sunshine Canyon Dr. Head west on Mapleton to enter the canyon, where the address correlates to the mileage. At the driveway entrance, which is the same one as for The StarHouse, there is a green-bordered sign with seven addresses on it including mine (3472). At the top of the first hill, as you arrive at the parking lot, stay to the left then take the first, sharp right down the hill. Follow the small signs for 3472. You will pass the StarHouse on your left and then come to a small parking area with a sign that says “Visitors Please Park Here” out in front of a large beige stucco house with a green metal roof. Park there, then come through the gate and up to the front door on the porch. I will meet and greet you there!


You can pay with check, credit card, Venmo, PayPal, or cash.

  • If paying with cash or check, you ROCK. Checks can be written to Corin Blanchard and will be deposited within three days of receipt.
  • If paying with a credit card, there is a convenience fee of 3% for each transaction.
  • My Venmo handle is @alchemy-alignment should you choose that method.
  • To utilize PayPal, please notify me at least 48 hours in advance of your session so I can electronically invoice you; PayPal payment must be received prior to the session. There will be a convenience fee of 3.5% for online payments.


Appointment cancellations must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance with the exception of true emergency. The client is responsible for paying a full session fee for any cancellations received with less than 24 hours notice (unless otherwise agreed upon) and payment must be received before or at the start of the next scheduled session.

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