Client Testimonials

I’ve had the privilege to support a wide variety of clients with Rolfing® so they experience greater embodiment, increased freedom of movement, alleviation of pain, and awareness of patterns. Here are a few of their reflections on Rolfing® as a modality and their experience of working with me!


“I feel that my yoga practice has totally improved: I’m able to track parts of my body I hadn’t before and knowing the things Corin taught me about my body, get it to do what it needs to to meet my goals (being open, flexible and fluid). I feel that I have found the modality of body care that I’ve been missing. With Rolfing and Corin’s amazing sensitivity and patience, my body feels attended to on a very deep level, retraining patterns that are no longer working!”  ~ Sally N, Boulder


“I felt informed and comfortable throughout the process. Rolfing® has reduced a lot of my pain, and relieved many nagging injuries. It is a much better overall solution to chronic and reoccurring muscle and structural pain/injury than infinitely repeated chiropractic visits or mainstream medicine (painkillers/steroids). Rolfing® works.”  ~ Diane R, Arvada


“Rolfing® was very educational and has helped me become more self aware regarding my body and skeletal/muscle structure; it was also helpful in that it provided me with things I can do to improve my alignment. It’s made me more conscious of my motion/alignment patterns in daily activities, which helps me correct problem areas (specifically things that cause pain). I have had less pain in general since experiencing Rolfing®.” ~ Erin J, Boulder


“Since receiving the Ten Series, I have so much more energy, I’m in a better mood, and am much more interested in tackling projects at home. I didn’t realize how much chronic pain/discomfort I had been putting up with until it was all gone! I’m also much more aware of my body and any minor tension or pain I might be feeling. Corin has good listening skills – she took the time to make sure I understood what was happening in my body. Since I had more of a professional interest in Rolfing®, I really appreciated her taking the time to explain what she was doing to treat me.”  ~ Nancy T, Littleton


“I love Corin’s demeanor and easy going personality. She always made me at ease and really took the time to try and help me understand the dynamics of what we were trying to accomplish. As for Rolfing®  – it has opened up my mind to exploring different ways of maintaining my overall health and well being. It also requires you to work on issues between sessions and is not constrained to the rehabilitation of a particular injury.”  ~ Erin K, Boulder


“I feel so grateful to Corin for her presence, her touch, and the wonderful state of being I am able to enter during treatments. There is something reassuring about Corin’s touch; her hands are listening, confident in their exploration and work on my body. Her gentle presence lets me trust the work. I love the office she works in…during sessions I seem to enter my body in a deeper, more relaxed way.”  ~Bonnie S, Nederland



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