About Corin

Once you know something is possible, you just gotta do it.

After my initial Rolfing® Ten Series in 2007, I felt like a new person. For the first time in 10 years, I wasn’t getting debilitating weekly migraines, which started from an accident at age 16. Additionally, my misaligned, creaky knees (or “musical” as I termed them) tracked straight without noise or pain. Prior to being Rolfed, I was told by an orthopedic doctor there was little that could be done to fix my knees since I was (at 26) “just getting old.” Now I can hike, dance and play volleyball to my heart’s content!

Once I tasted the freedom and empowerment of living pain-free, I had to share it with others. I left the field of Higher Education and Student Affairs (with immense gratitude after ten years of incredible growth) to hightail it to Colorado, where I graduated from The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in July 2011.

Since Rolfing® SI is inherently an educational process, becoming a Rolfer® was not as big of a leap as it may seem. As Dr. Ida Rolf was fond of saying, “gravity is the therapist”—and your body is the treatment room. You and I get to join forces to realign your body in gravity and, even better, we both get to teach and learn throughout the process.

I’m a voracious learner (which is euphemistic for “kind of a nerd”), so am equally thrilled by the intellectual aspects of anatomy & physiology, the bio-mechanics of the body in movement, the psycho-emotional patterns our structures manifest, and the energetic dimensions of re-orienting the body to its own healing wisdom.

My practice is in Boulder, CO.

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