Align your body and your life.

Are you ready to make radical change in your body and in your life? Do you crave a deeper sense of alignment and greater freedom of movement? Are you ready to become physically empowered and energetically embodied?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

I love working with clients who are deeply invested in their own true healing and transformation. Your body is your biography; you literally carry your stories, experiences and identities in your structures and tissues—shaped by the life you’ve lived. 

The goals of Rolfing® are structural alignment, optimal function, efficient movement, freer expression and increased embodiment. My job is to be a guide, a mirror, and a coach as you remember your power, rediscover your capacity, refine your tools, and reinforce your process for self-healing. 

Your body carries an original blueprint of health.

I work dynamically and diversely in terms of touch and engage you in movement with the intention that you meet me from the inside as we unwind old patterns, address held trauma, and remind your body of its inherent self-organizing wisdom

If this resonates with you, let’s get to work!

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